My friend Colin and I were recently sitting in a sports bar in Bricktown (downtown OKC, OK), and discussing how amateur baseball has performed a 180 degree turn, from being a team game to simply an individual opportunity for a family to “showcase” their respective child’s ability.  Please keep in mind, the conversation began because we are both involved in amateur baseball, and are struggling with the idea that the demographics for baseball are changing for the worse and we are looking for answers that will help reverse the trend. Here are a few questions that we are hoping you will help us compile some information.

1.  What organization is your child playing within?

2.  How do you feel about the coaching?

3.  Are the administrators also part of the coaching staff?

4.  How many teams are within the organization?

5.  How old is your child?

6.  Is your child playing at least 2-3 times a week, and how many innings is your child playing during the week?

7.  How many games is the season?  How long does each season last?

8.  What is the cost to play?  If there is no cost, who sponsors the league, and how do you feel about the sponsor/sponsors?


We appreciate any feedback that you have.


Thank you,


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In May of 2003, I founded Zorian Bat Company.  Previously, I coached college baseball at the NCAA Division II and Division III level.  My job responsibilities included a variety of administrative responsibilities in addition to my coaching duties on and off the field (conditioning and weight training). I often get asked the question of “why I started my own wood bat company?”  The answer was very simple…. I knew that I could create a wood bat that was better than any other company’s product.  “How can you do that?,” people asked.  Clearly I stated that no company produced a high end product made from top quality wood billets for ALL PLAYERS regardless of their skill level which enabled me as a proprietor to literally stand behind EVERY product I manufactured with the unconditional guarantee that my products were and remain the very best in baseball.

Now, that was the primary reason, but the next reason is a tad bit more philosophical by nature.  A single billet of wood produces not only Major League bats for players in the USA, but professional players all around the world use one piece wood bats.  So the question remains, why did we ever switch to aluminum bats for our amateur players?  The reason was economics 101 to begin.  They were cheaper to produce and cheaper to purchase in the US, but NOT ANYMORE, and they haven’t been since around later 1980’s.  All college summer leagues, most men’s leagues, and most high school aged summer leagues and showcases have made the switch back to all wood bats.  The reason….. to use the same tools professionals use if that’s what you want to aspire to be.  We custom manufacture wood bats in a variety of models and weight drops to meet the expectations of all our players.  So what is the philosophy you ask?  Baseball was meant to be played with wood both from an offensive, defensive, and pitching perspective.  Let’s break that down:

Offense- wood teaches you to swing the proper way because of the way that the weight is distributed through the barrel of the bat- lead with the knob and keep your hands inside the path of the ball.  Use you legs as a strong base and your hips and hands to drive through the ball and finish your swing by proceeding through the baseball keeping your head behind the barrel.  Yes, you CAN do this with aluminum, but the path of least resistance is human nature, and it is NOT as crucial as it is with a wood bat.

Defense-  Footwork is the key here.  It is proven that a baseball “rockets” off an aluminum bat, and, over the years, the more explosive the aluminum, the deeper the defensive player positions himself away from the hitter.  “Double play depth” became a term of the past as well as an outfielder “going back to catch the ball.”  One game with wood, and those who wish to compete begin to make the adjustments, and those who don’t begin to reach for excuses.

Pitching- College and High School pitchers started to fear throwing the ball on the inside half of the plate because the aluminum bats were so light and explosive.  Any baseball coach knows that without commanding the inside, it is only a matter of time until good hitting teams, especially those with aluminum bats, will light up their pitcher like the 4th of July.

In short, baseball is a game that is meant to be played with wood bats.  There are many wood workers out there that make bats, but “Zorian is a BASEBALL COMPANY in the business of making the BEST WOOD BAT in the history of the game!

Solid Swings,

Rob “Z” Zorian

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Ken Burns New Series

Ken Burns New Series

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